Top 17 Anime with Romance Subplots

anime with romance subplots

The magical world of Anime captivated me over the years with the diversity of its genres and blending it with various kinds of subplots. In most popular genres ranging from a collection of cheerful anime to shonen anime, the romance genre blends beautifully while adding the texture of layered emotions. This heart-poking genre mixed with adrenaline-rushing action, over-the-top drama, gut-wrenching comedy, and exaggerated adventure gives the pure joy and rollercoaster of emotion that everyone should experience. The contrastive narratives infused with romance subplots enchant a wider audience despite the various genres. Here is my list of the Top 17 anime with romance subplots to expand the range of anime consumption.

18. Summertime Rendering

Summertime Rendering anime
Episodes 25
AiredApr 15, 2022 to Sep 30, 2022
GenreMystery, Supernatural, Suspense

When being asked how a murder mystery anime should be done? Recommend your friends Summertime Rendering. The supernatural anime balances the clues to manage the pace but never gives away too much to predict the plot.

Shinpei Ajiro has been very close to the Kofune Family and their two daughters- Mio and Ushio after his parents’ death. Shinpei moves to Tokyo for studies but the sudden death of Ushio brings him back after two years.

Shinpei soon uncovers the truth behind Ushio’s bruises and the cause of death and it isn’t a pleasant one. Shinpei now must solve this mystery.

This mystery anime starts with enough suspense and curiosity around it and towards the end, but has lowkey a great romance subplot to root for.

17.Eureka Seven

Eureka Seven
AIREDApr 17, 2005 to Apr 2, 2006
GENREAdventure, Drama, sci-fi, Romance
CREATORAsato Asato and Shirabii

The Mecha Series is filled with adventures, Eureka Seven weaves the romance subplot wisely adding depth to the layered story-telling. Set in the town of Bellforest, the story captures Renton Thurston, a 14-year-old boy tired of his mundane life.

Renton’s fondness for surfing in the high waves leads to his interaction with the Nirvash named Mecha’s Pilot Eureka. Their minute socialization drags Renton into the bigger picture of the world.

The dynamic between Renton and Eureka develops as they deal with their struggles while fighting the wars. I believe they skillfully integrated the subplot within, which greets the wide narrative.

16.Death Parade

Death Parade, anime with romance subplots
AIREDJan 10, 2015 to Mar 28, 2015
GENREDrama, Supernatural, Suspense
CREATORYuzuru Tachikawa

Another Recommendation I want to add from the Psychological collection is Death Parade. This anime represents the concept of the afterlife with an intense and mysterious atmosphere.

The story exhibits the bar named Quendecim and Decim decides the future of souls based on a game who died at the same time in the mortal world. The game results decide the fate of the soul whether to be reincarnated or to be lost into oblivion.

The element of romance between Decim, who serves as the bartender, and Chiyuki who recently entered the mysterious world of Quendecim.

15.Spice and Wolf

Spice and Wolf, anime with romance subplots
AIREDJan 9, 2008 to Mar 26, 2008
GENREAdventure, Fantasy, Romance
CREATORIsuna Hasekura

The adventure anime Spice and Wolf weaves an integral part of romance into it seamlessly. The anime portrays the wise wolf deity Holo and her unlikely traveling partner Lawrence.

 Set in the vast landscapes of medieval times, the two business partners Holo and Lawrence come to a settlement. As their adventure begins toward the Northern home of Yohitsu, Lawrence’s feelings start to transform into something new.

Facing complex trading deals, navigating through economic challenges, and through lots of intellectual conversation the chemistry between the two starts to brew. Like, they feed each other their energies.

14.Parasyte The maxim

Parasyte The maxim
AIREDOct 9, 2014 to Mar 26, 2015
GENREPsychological, Action, Horror
CREATORHitoshi Iwaaki

I included this anime in the collection of top psychological horror anime I have watched or recommended. Parasyte: the Maxim is known for its gore and horror scenes, and has an underlying romance subplot.

The main plot revolves around the protagonist, Shinichi Izumi who survives the attack of Parasyte from devouring his mind. But it settles now in his hand and has its conscience named Migi.

The subplot focuses on Shinichi and his close friend best known as his love interest Satomi Murano. As he struggles to keep his humanity intact with the parasite residing in his hand, the tender bond between Shinichi and Satomi witnesses the door of tension and tragedy.

13.Rascal does not Dream of Bunny girls Senpai.

Rascal does not dream of bunny girls Senpai.
AIREDOct 4, 2018 to Dec 27, 2018
GENREDrama, Supernatural, Romance
CREATORTsugumi Nanamiya

Don’t let the title deceive, it’s not just the girls wearing some random bunny costumes and entertaining, Rascal does not dream of bunny girls Senpai is much more than that.  

Surrounding the mysterious supernatural phenomenon known as puberty syndrome. With his personal experience, Sakuta Azusagawa identifies another victim of the same syndrome, Mai Sakurajima, a child actress suffers the same wearing a bunny costume.

The bond between them emerges slowly as Sakuta helps Mai retrieve from this state of syndrome. The portrayal of love stands out as they contribute to helping each other in their struggles.

12.Shakugan No Shana

Shakugan No Shana
AIREDOct 6, 2005 to Mar 23, 2006
GENREFantasy , Action, Drama, Romance
CREATORYashichiro takahashi and Noizi Ito

In an entangled world of Crimson of Denizens, where the creatures wipe out the memory of you from each person you have ever known or interacted with. Sounds more frightening than death, Right?

The story focuses on high-schooler Yuji Sakai in Misaki City Japan, who is trapped by the Denizens and wiped out from the other memories. But the Saviour Shana, the Flame Haze arrives at the right time and saves the day.

 As Shana struggles to comprehend the human emotions, Yuji sticks by her steadily forming a deeper emotional bond with her. The romance subplot emerges as the two spend more time fighting the battles. With top-notch animation, it is one of the anime with romance subplots I would recommend.

11.Blast of Tempest

Blast of Tempest
AIREDOct 5, 2012 to Mar 29, 2013
GENREFantasy, Action, Drama, Mystery
CREATORKyō Shirodaira and Arihide Sano, and illustrated by Ren Saizaki.

Highly inspired by the works of William Shakespeare, Blast of Tempest has to be one of the most cherished mystery anime combined romance subplots with the magical world. The Fantasy World tracks two best friends named Yoshino and Mahiro.

As Yoshino secretly dates Mahiro’s sister Aika, her sudden death ignites a spark of vengeance inside Mahiro’s heart. Mahiro seeks the help of witch, and the two entangled in turmoil continue to seek the truth behind Aika’s death.

The bond between Yoshino and Aika hits hard as her presence lingers till the end. Though the heart-breaking ending to their relationship is too poignant to handle, it serves the category. 

10.Princess Tutu

Princess Tutu
AIREDAug 16, 2002 to May 23, 2003
GENREComedy, Drama, Romance, Fantasy

The amalgamation of multiple genres with classic ballet results in Princess Tutu anime where the magical world addresses the duck, Ahiru who is transformed into a ballet dancer princess.

After receiving the boon from the storyteller Drosselmeyer, Ahiru realizes her true objective in life is to bring stability into turmoiled people’s lives. Ahiru ‘s primary goal remains to fix the heart of the prince, Mytho.

As the love triangle between Ahiru, Prince Mytho, and another antagonistic character named Fakir begins things start to go south. From heartfelt interactions to Ahiru’s struggle to bring joy to a prince’s life marks one of the extraordinary anime with a romance subplots.

9.Golden Time  

Golden Time
AIREDOct 4, 2013 to Mar 28, 2014
GENRE Drama, Romance
CREATORYuyuko Takemiya and Eji Komatsu

What if the past you have long forgotten reappears to haunt you while you have built a completely new life somewhere else? Golden Time answers this question with a unique take.

Meet the main character, Banri Tada shoulders the weight of amnesia after a tragic accident, forgotten his past life in his hometown. As he moves to the ultimate city of Tokyo, he finds love, friends, and much more.

As his past emerges with Linda, a girl from his past, and with his new love Koko Kaga, the love triangle throws multiple struggles into his life. With climbing the strides of mistakes, Banri relives his life.

8.The Ancient Magus Bride

The Ancient Magus Bride
AIREDOct 8, 2017 to Mar 25, 2018
GENREFantasy, Drama, Supernatural 
CREATORKore Yamazaki 

Popular Shounen manga adapted into anime with the same name The Ancient Magus Bride, a supernatural anime with poignant romance subplot that drives the character into more depth.

The main plot delves into the traumatized past of Chise Hatori whose father abandoned him, mother finished herself, and relatives turned their back. As sold to a secret Masked man, Chise hopes for a home to settle but the masked man turns out to be The Ancient Magus—Elias Ainsworth.

I cherished the romance revolving around Chise and the Mage as Chise becomes his apprentice. Gradually with the moments, when unloved Chise is appreciated and loved, I became teary with such wholesome moments.

7.Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden
AIREDJan 11, 2018 to Apr 5, 2018
GENRE Drama, Fantasy
CREATORKana Akatsuki and Akiko Takase

One of the gems I always adored. Violet Evergarden is a kind of anime whenever you watch, your eyes become all teary. The story of love and loss has shattered many hearts including mine.

The main plot transcends the aftermaths of war and the life of Violet, who is used as a minute war machine, carrying orders only unknown to normal life. The subplot revolves around Violet and her commanding officer, Gilbert Bougainvillea.

As Gilbert filled her life in each aspect, unlike now with his absence Violet travels in the world searching for the meaning of his last words while changing other’s lives. As shown in flashback, Violet’s bond remains a poignant one.

6.Spy x Family

Spy x Family
AIREDApr 9, 2022 to Jun 25, 2022
GENREAction, Comedy
CREATORTatsuya Endo

  Wit Studio has produced many popular anime over the years. With the list ongoing starting with Aot, Vinland saga and now Spy x Family joins the list.

Set in the backdrop of a fictional cold war setting, the protagonist Twilight, a spy is entrusted to infiltrate a school. To complete the task he forms a fake family along with The psychic power kid Aanya and Yor, the assassin.

The marriage between Twilight and Yor starts as a strategic settlement and turns into cute warm moments with each passing occasion. The light romance blooms as the primary narration focuses on the funny spy drama.


AIREDOct 2, 2010 to Apr 2, 2011
GENRE Drama, Romance, comedy
CREATORTsugumi Ohba and Takeshi obata

Bakuman and Blue Period are two anime that helped immensely in my creative journey. Despite the length and seasons, I am always up to watch the creative journey filled with romance and comedy.

From the creators of Death Note, the narrative shows two high-schoolers Mashiro Moritaka and Takagi Akito aspiring to create manga and become pro manga artists.

 While the main plot portrays the real struggle and world behind the manga artist, the subplot focuses on the chemistry between Mashiro and Azuki. It also covers the romantic dynamic of Takagi and Miyoshi.

With inspiring creative narration, comedy, and heartfelt moments it is one of the best anime with romance subplots.


AIREDOct 16, 2000 to Sep 13, 2004
GENREFantasy, Action, Adventure, Romance
CREATORRumiko Takahashi

Overwhelmed with the length of the series, Inuyasha is an action-packed sword fighting anime that caught my attention off-guard. The series follows the 15-year-old female lead Kagome Higurashi, dragged into the well of their shrine by a demon.

As transported to the Sengoku period Kagome encounters multiple demons casually like just taking a walk in the park. On one of such encounters, She barges into Half-demon boy Inuyasha who despises her instantly after mistaking her for someone else.

This action anime with romance subplot between Kagome and Inuyasha brings warmth to the heart. Though some scenes are filled with blood and intense action the bond between the two witnesses various phases.

3.Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown
AIREDOct 14, 2011 to Mar 23, 2012
GENREAction, Drama, sci-fi
CREATORHiroyoki Yushino

The political thriller is set in a dystopian Roppongi district of Tokyo where the Apocalypse virus has ravaged Japan. To bring silence to the utter chaos, the United Nations overthrew the political agenda of the country and Rules with their GHQ organization.

The sci-fi series shows the young boy Shou Ouma who gains supernatural power to retrieve powerful weapons called “Void”. The power he receives after the chaotic interaction with Inori Yuzuriha, a famous pop singer in a warehouse.

With the cinematic animation, the entanglement between Shou and Inori evolves from a partnership for survival to a complex romantic interest.

2.A Silent Voice  

A Silent Voice
AIREDSep 17, 2016
GENRE Drama, Romance
CREATORYoshitoki Oima

Whenever a conversation pops up among our friends including words like forgiveness, self-acceptance, and socializing, my mind visualizes a single anime i.e. A silent voice.

Ishida along with a few friends bullies Nishimiya, a deaf girl in his school multiple times with his few friends. As his bullying comes to the surface, People start to part ways with Ishida. And he emerges as a loner guy who thinks suicide is the only option.

With redemption and empathy, the relationship between Ishida and Nishimiya evolves with each little step and with the struggle of communication. The miserable tale is one of the anime with romance subplots to behold.

1. Future Diary

future diary
AIREDOct 9, 2011 to Apr 15, 2012
GENREAction, Supernatural, Psychological
CREATORSakae Esuno.

The brilliant thriller mixed with action and drama, Future Diary represents the category anime with romance subplots perfectly. The story explores the world of a few Diary holders, a future-predicting diary participating in a competition to become the successor of Deus Ex Machina.

The lone guy, the protagonist, Yukiteru realizes his imaginary friend is a god of Time and Space. As his digital diary turns into a Future predicting Diary, he grasps the fact that he isn’t the only one. Thus he interacts with Yuno Gasai, another diary holder from his school.

I loved the complex love interactions between Yukiteru and Yuno as she became highly possessive about him and safeguarded him multiple times. The narrative is gore and intense at competition times but manages their romance arc altogether.

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