Top 23 Fearless Sword Fighting Anime to Awaken The Samurai.

sword fighting anime

There is a different kind of peace when swords clash against each other, those creaky sounds along with shiny blades and slashing the flesh like a piece of cake. This anime shows a way of portraying a lively story while maintaining war, honor, betrayal, friendship, and much more. Most importantly it teaches us values, whether it’s a one-on-one duel or war between the clans, sword fights hold a special place in me. So here is my collection of the best 23 sword fighting anime to awaken the Samurai inside you.


Aired Apr 8, 2013 to Sep 30, 2013
Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Mushibugyou portrays the world of the Edo period in Japan where large insect-like creatures have evaded and committed destruction. Normal humans are no match for the gigantic monsters.

However, a group of warriors with special martial arts and sword skills come forward to wipe out the monstrous insects. To empower their group, they summon the greatest swordsman Genjuurou.

Genjouuru’s fate doesn’t allow him to join the group so in exchange he sends his son Jinbee to serve. The young and inexperienced Jinbee is hesitant at first to face the possible threats.

The supernatural anime provides multiple sword fights with pretty good action sequences. The historical setting and edgy combat scenes just add extra spice to the anime.

22.The King’s Avatar

The king’s Avatar
Aired Apr 7, 2017 to Jun 16, 2017
Genre Action

The King’s Avatar showcases the world where the multiplayer game Glory is quite popular and more popular than the game is its player Trailblazer with the experience of 10 years of gaming.

TrailBlazer also known as Ye Xiu is forced out of his gaming career due to some unfortunate circumstances but soon joins the game as an amateur player with the name of “Lord Grim”

But how can you defeat a pro player with years of experience? The sudden achievements of Lord Grim attract multiple attention of suspicious players in the game.

As the difficulty rises so does the struggle for Lord Grim. The sword fighting scenes along with multiple weapon variations present action-filled anime.

21.Bamboo Blade

Bamboo Blade
Aired Oct 2, 2007 to Apr 1, 2008
Genre Comedy, Sports

The light-hearted and slice-of-life sword fighting anime, Bamboo Blade is a must-watch if you don’t like the gore and brutal side of the classic samurai sword combats.

Meet Toraji Ishida who is very reluctant to regain his reputation as a high school Kendo teacher. Toraji has been tasked to form a girls’ kendo team and is being challenged by his senpai.

As Toraji’s hunt for girls with sword skills begins, the comedy brews. Bamboo Blade isn’t like the other typical anime but its sole purpose is to lift your mood with a touch of action.


Aired Apr 4, 2007 to Sep 26, 2007
Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy

How can we talk about sword fighting anime and not mention Claymore? Claymore depicts a medieval world where monstrous creatures called Yoma, devour humans.

Like every problem has a solution, Yoma has Claymore. Claymores are half human and half yoma created to eliminate the root of human destruction.

Raki’s family falls short in the hands of Yoma but he is saved by a silver-haired woman who is Claymore. After losing his family to such a fate, Raki follows the woman known as Clare.

Claymore is an action anime with a strong female protagonist, traveling places and slashing Yoma with epic sword fighting scenes.

19.Revolutionary Girl Utena

Revolutionary Girl Utena
Aired Apr 2, 1997 to Dec 24, 1997
Genre Action, Drama, Fantasy

Known for its symbolic mentions in the story Revolutionary Girl Utena is a sword fighting anime too. The story follows Utena Tenjou, a young princess who lost her parents in a tragic incident.

Saved and encouraged by a prince, years later Utena Tenjou follows the path to the mysterious duel competition at Ohtori Academy. The duels are conducted for the Rose Bride or the hands of Prince Anthy Himemiya.

The duels allow room for the sword fight as well as character development, with the bare minimum use of CGI and fluid animation just hitting the mark.

In short, Revolutionary Girl Utena is a pure entertainer with a lot of duels and swordfights.

18.Toji No Miko

Toji No Miko
Aired Jan 5, 2018 to Jun 22, 2018
Genre Action, Fantasy

Toji No Miko is a supernatural genre anime where mysterious creatures known as Aradama threaten humanity but over the ages the shrine maidens have protected the world from these threats.

The Shrine maidens also known as Toji are chosen from the elite school, where young girls are trained for sword skills to join the special force to eliminate Aratama.

As the competition between five schools initiates, Two students Kanami Etou and HIyori Juujou excel in their respective schools and face the external and internal threats simultaneously.

The Strategic sword fights are the center of attraction for the anime with martial art swordsman ship followed by their mystical blades called Okatana.

17.Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai
Aired May 3, 2007 to May 4, 2007
Genre Action, Adventure

Vengeance fuels the demons within you, Isn’t it? Afro Samurai captures the samurai world seamlessly, driven with pure raw vengeance as the protagonist Afro witnesses his father being sliced into pieces by a gunslinger named Justice.

Justice murdered Afro’s father to gain the number one head band which bestows the power of god. To get the revenge of his father’s Murder Afro swung his sword by every means to challenge Justice.

As justice can be only challenged by the number two band wielder, number two can be challenged by anyone. Afro climbs through the ladder of dead bodies to eliminate Justice.

Afro Samurai portrays the dark samurai world with cool gore scenes, giving the perfect classic samurai showdown sword fighting anime that you are looking for.


Aired Jan 5, 2014 to Mar 23, 2014
Genre Action,  Fantasy

Looking for a light-hearted sword fighting anime with a slight of humor and dark moments? Then Noragami marks each tick in the box. Like all a minor God dreams of building his shrine.

The minor God Yato, in the hope of becoming a well-known deity, does generic jobs for five yen and suffers financially. But the story picks up the pace when a high school girl Hiyori saves Yato from an accident and dies nearly.

Since that accident, Hiyori’s soul has become unstable and storms out of her body, while finding the cure for her the two cross paths again.

Hiyori, Yato, and his spirit servant Regalia embark on the journey into the spiritual world. Yato constantly engages with evil spirits and supernatural entities to give us the magic of sword-fighting anime.

15.Kill La Kill

Kill La Kill
AiredOct 4, 2013 to Mar 28, 2014
Genre Action, Comedy, Fantasy

Kill la Kill sets the tone for sword fighting anime uniquely. Driven by vengeance, Ryouko Matoi looks for the murderer of her father until her path crosses with Hannouji Academy.

Ryuko wields a half-scissor-shaped weapon known as a Scissor blade. Unlike any other academy, Hannouji consists of an elite of group acquiring the “Goku Uniforms” which allow them massive supernatural power.

Realizing her lack of power to wear Goku uniforms and being defeated by the Elite group, She discovers a special kind of Goku uniform that grants her god-like power.

The anime treats each fight like a final fight, with strong outline animation and color palette Kill la Kill shines for those who celebrate an anime favouring fan service.


AiredApr 4, 2010 to Jun 20, 2010
Genre Action, Drama, Supernatural

Hakouki is an action anime with female protagonist Chizuru Yukimura who travels to Kyoto in search of his doctor father who hasn’t returned home in months.

To look for in between the men, Chizuru disguises herself as a man and her arrival in Tokyo gets her entangled with the special force due to political unrest.

With her time being Shinsegumi special forces, she unravels many truths about his father and the world. With its intricate details about Japan’s history, Hakouki provides kick-ass swordplay sequences, is surely an underrated action anime.


AiredApr 4, 2006 to Mar 25, 2010v
Genre Action, Comedy, Sci-fi

Popular for its satirical take on mainstream anime and movie cultural references, Gintama’s serious arcs feature some of the greatest one-on-one sword fighting duels.

The Samurai anime follows in the city of Edo where extraterrestrial creatures known as Amanto have evaded. The silver-haired Samurai, Gintoki owns a wooden sword and is incredibly skilled struggling to find some work does odd jobs.

Along with Shinpachi Shimura a Tomboyish girl with superhuman strength and massive appetite embarks on the journey. As much as humor blends into the shows, the intense arcs drive deeper into the action sequences.

The highly animated action scenes blend with sword fights, leading it to the list of epic sword fighting anime list.


AiredOct 16, 2000 to Sep 13, 2004
Genre Action, Fantasy, Adventure, Romance

Inuyasha’s story travels back in time to represent the taste of sword fighting anime. Kagome Higurashi gets pulled by a demon into the Senju period on the occasion of her 15th birthday.

Kagone possesses a precious jewel known as The Shikon Jewel which attracts these creatures of the past. Being surrounded by demons, she encounters a half-demon boy Inuyasha.

As the Jewel shatters due to unfortunate reasons the two embark on a journey to gather the shards of jewel before it reaches into the wrong hands.

As Inuyasha and Kagome’s hunt begins they encounter many mischievous fox demons, demon slayer Sango, and the dark history of the Shikon Jewel.

The timeless classic is easily one of the best sword fighting anime with intense battles and blending romance as a subplot too.

11. Demon Slayer

demon slayer
AiredApr 6, 2019 to Sep 28, 2019
Genre  Action, Fantasy

Ask any rookie anime watcher, The first thing that comes to their mind about sword fighting anime i.e. Demon Slayer (Kimetsu No Yaiba). Set in the Taisho Period, the story follows kind-hearted Tanjiro.

As fate takes unexpected turns for Tanjiro Kamado, his family gets slaughtered by Demon and his surviving sister turns into one of them. With pure rage and hunger to avenge his family, Tanjiro joins the Demon Slayer Corps.

As the name suggests Demon Slayer Corps is responsible for wiping out the blood-drinking demons, each Hashira has unique techniques to use their sword with breathing forms.

As Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu are allocated different missions to eliminate demons, The sword fights become intense making your heart beat faster.


Aired Oct 5, 2004 to Mar 27, 2012
Genre Action, Adventure, Fantasy

The popular anime Bleach trails the life of a high schooler, Ichigo Kurasaki who one night collides with the Soul Reaper named Rukia Kuchiki.

Ichigo discovers another world and entities which are called Hollow, devour human souls. Ichigo’s family gets attacked by the hollows but Rukia saves the day while she gets injured.

While fighting Rukia transfers her power to Ichigo which shoulders him a whole new level of responsibilities and Ichigo faces them with his head up,

The elaborate swordplay along with powerful spiritual techniques and the duel fight scenes makes it one of the coolest sword fighting anime.


Aired Jan 26, 2010 to Dec 11, 2010
Genre Action, Adventure, Romance

Amateurs carry swords for a fight but the elite becomes a sword whenever it is needed. No kidding. The Protagonist Shicika Yasuri practices a unique technique called Kyotouryuu, which enables him to become the sword.

Set in the Edo period, heir to the Kyotouryuu School, Shicika remains in exile along with his sister but Togame enters, a rival’s daughter who requests Shicika to find the legendary twelve swords for her known as Deviant Blades.

With dire interest and brewing a light romantic interest towards Togame, Shicika agrees. Thus begins their journey to retrieve the twelve swords and face the weapon-wielders and horrifying entities on the way.

Each episode is dedicated to an individual sword, Katanagatari brings action-packed sword fighting and unique content in terms of every aspect.

8.Sword Art Online

Sword Art online
Aired Jan 26, 2010 to Dec 11, 2010
Genre Action, Adventure, Romance

As well as the anime includes the sword in the title, it also does justice to its title. Sword Art Online has a compelling premise that if you die inside the game, you die in the real world.

Akihiko Kayaba, the inventor of NerveGear and Sword Art Online, the virtual game that allows the players to delve deep into the world of Aincard.

But the nightmare ignites when Akihiko starts trapping the players inside the game until you defeat the main boss, and if you die here then you die in the real world.

The savior Kazuto Kirito is a beta tester for the game and forms alliances with talented players across to free prisoners and various kinds of monsters.

The virtual sword fighting with gravity-free maneuvers is just pure joy to the eyes along with aerial attacks and magical attacks too.

7.Rurouni Kenshin ( Samurai X Trust and Betrayal)

Rurouni Kenshin ( Samurai X Trust and Betrayal)
Aired Jan 10, 1996 to Sep 8, 1998
Genre Action, Romance, Comedy 

Rurouni Kenshin is another hidden gem from the 90s and aged like a fine wine as the best sword fighting anime. The four episodes of OVA drive into the past life of once merciless Assassin Hitokiri Battousai or Kenshin Himura.

Before wandering places with a vow to never kill anyone, the origin is to become the killer. After witnessing the assassination of his whole family and being kidnapped by a group of rebels.

Under the mentorship of Hiko Sheijiro, Shinta transforms into a deadly assassin causing chaos around him which he atones in the main series.

The emotional layers with skilled swordsmanship elevate the sword fight in the anime. Though the animation may not be for everyone, for that time it shines.

6.Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo
Aired May 20, 2004 to Mar 19, 2005
Genre Action, Adventure, Comedy 

Samurai Champloo is considered one of the masterpieces of dynamic sword fighting anime. The story of the trio Mugen, Jinn, and Fuu, set in the Edo period is a remarkable one.

Fuu, Mugen, and Jinn cross paths in a restaurant when Fuu, the waiter in the restaurant spills tea over a customer, and a group of samurai starts harassing her. Mugen, a samurai too rushes to rescue and defeats all of them.

Until he comes across Jinn, a ronin as the feud between the two continues, the two destroy the restaurant and the local magistrate’s son dies in the damage.

Fuu appoints both as her bodyguard but it’s hard to maintain a peace treaty between the two. As the three embark on Fuu’s journey of finding the samurai smelling like a sunflower, the sword fights just never end.

The sword-slashing action, intelligent comedy, and psychedelic colour-combined animation just tick every box on the list.

5.Blade of the Immortal

Blade of the Immortal
AiredOct 10, 2019 to Mar 26, 2020
Genre Action, Adventure, Supernatural, Drama

Revenge and redemption play a vital role in the life of a swordsman. The swordsman Manji infamous for slaughtering hundreds of innocent men, gets cursed by a legend with bloodworms which can heal any wounds allowing him to live eternally.

To attain mortality, Manji vows to kill a thousand evil men to atone for his past sins. On his path toward redemption, He encounters Rin Asano, a young girl driven by revenge for her family’s murder.

As Rin requests Manji to assist her, dwindling between Morality and Mortality at first Manji refuses but seeing her volatile Manji protects her for the rest of her journey.

Blade of the Immortal features intense sword battles and is unapologetic about the amount of blood it spills. The sword fighting anime fulfills each desire of the sword enthusiast.


AiredOct 8, 1997 to Apr 1, 1998
Genre Action, Fantasy, Adventure, Horror

The psychological horror anime from the 90s’ also comes under the best sword fighting anime. The tale of the Black swordsman echoes through generations, the tormented story became an instant fan-favorite.

Guts, haunted by a heart-shattering past becomes a traveling mercenary known for the gigantic sword he carries with him. Jumping from band to band, focusing on money he never settled.

His encounter with the Band of Falcons and their leader Griffith lures him into multiple duels, though unmatched in battle Guts loses multiple times from Griffith and joins the band.

Soon Guts the dragon slayer sword wielder faces betrayal, demons, and corrupted knights from the past too. The psychological drama, dark fantasy a tormented past just touch each heart of its viewers.

The Sword Fights features many interesting battles which constantly kept me at the edge.


Aired Jul 19, 2007 to Oct 11, 2007
Genre Action, Drama, Gore

Shigurui is the darkest and most gore samurai anime with sword fighting sequences. The blood bath, violence, harshness of samurai combat, and cruelty aren’t just for the faint-hearted.

Edo period marked the shifting of power and Kogan Iwamoto a sword master decides to find a successor for his school legacy and organises a deadly competition for the throne.

The two disciples of Master One-armed Fujiki Gennosuke and Blind Irako Seigen will face off against each other in the battle. With the intense gore battles and blood flying around, the anime comes closest to the depiction of violence.

Driven with honor, revenge, and cruelty the anime is a must-watch to include in the list of sword fighting anime.


AiredJan 7, 2019 to Jun 24, 2019
Genre Action, Adventure, Supernatural

What hurts the most? When your own family abandons you. The similar dark fantasy tale of Hyakkimaru contains some badass fight scenes and is easily one of the best sword fighting anime.

In a war-torn feudal Japan, Lord Kagemitsu’s land is facing slow death and to save it Kagemitsu barges a deal with 12 demons and offers his unborn son to demons.

When Hyakkimaru, the first child to Kagemitsu is born, he has no limbs, no eyes, no hands or legs even doesn’t have skin. The demons have devoured it still Hyakkimaru lives to see the daylight.

As Hyakkimaru is saved by a medicinal man and given prosthetic body parts, Hyakkimaru embarks on the journey to eliminate the demons and regain his body parts to become a whole human.

He fights against his brother, father, and kingdom, and the blood of the river overflows resulting in some of the darkest sword fighting action sequences in anime.

1.Sword of the Stranger

sword of the stranger
Aired Sep 29, 2007
Genre Action, Adventure

Unlike the other sword fighting anime, Sword of the Stranger is a movie that dives deeper into the world of samurai and their essence of swords clashing against each other.

Set in the Sengoku period, the orphan kid Kotarou and his dog Tobimaru steal food to fill their stomach but soon a group of assassins after them but not for the heft.

But their encounter with Nanashi, a ronin saves them for the moment but to ensure their safety Kotarou offers a gem in exchange for watching their back.

Nanashi agrees to the deal but the greatest swordsman begins to haunt them. The jaw-dropping scenes with solid characters represent the best action sequences.


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