by abhijit 

10 anime to watch if you are a beginner 

Death Note is a great mystery thriller anime to start with filled with interesting plot-twist and a unique premise. 

Attack on Titan is a powerful anime that will go down in history as one of the best anime. The brawl between humans and Titans is a great watch and worth every penny. 

Makoto Shinkai's masterpiece features a supernatural event that allows two people to live each other's live while changing their souls. A great supernatural romance anime to begin with. 

A Silent Voice tell a story of a Kid who grows up to learn the values of self-love and bullying. The anime is very relatable if you are introvert or bullied in the school.

Ufotable's most budgeted anime Demon Slayer is a treat to the eyes with Tanjiro and Nezuko's Poignant bond and the highly animated action scenes. 

One of the most popular and most talked anime for the past two decades is Naruto. The eight-tailed fox brat took over the world like a true Hokage. 

When Jujutsu Kaisen aired, people compared it two big Shonen Anime Naruto and One Piece. But is it better than the two giants? Find out and let me Know. 

Chainsaw Man follows the roadside Denji and his special pet but it all changes when they take up a special job. Filled with bloodshed and action, it's a great entertainer.

Get ready for the total banging entertainer and comedy journey. The Lyod family's humor and actions will surely make you roll on the floor. 

After the consequences of great war, Violet Evergarden is in search of some special words that she heard from her dearest one. The simple words yet so complicated.