by abhijit 

10 anime with interesting & unique concepts 

Jojo's Bizzare Adventure: The Tales of Several generations of a family of monster hunters, all of whom are nicknamed same, Jojo.

Darling in the Franxx: Imagine Cloned child Soldiers Piloting giant robots in a proxy war between underground mecha-lizards and psychic aliens falling in love.

Dorohedoro: A guy with lizard head and with no memory is hunting wizards to figure out what happened to him.  

Big O: Just Picturise this whta if Batman talked to people instead of punching them and had a giant robot when that doesn't work? 

ODD Tax: Anthromorphic beings while the arrogant taxi driver gets caught in sloving a murder mystery 

Vivy's Flourist Eyes: The robot made for singing to soothe people, skips to the future to save the world and humans. 

Kino's Journey: The unique adventure of a Girl to different Kingdoms to tackle various culture with her talking motorcycle. 

Cells at Work: Imagine your entire system functioning as some kind of big Factory, where each cell is an employee and each organ is a department.

Saint Young Men: What could be more interesting than deciding an anime where Jesus and Buddha are roommates. Their adventure is such a bliss to watch. 

The Tatami Galaxy: Imagine a guy's college life resets after each episode and he has to take a different path each time.