by abhijit

10 anime with serial killers to haunt you 

Monster is a mystery thriller anime focusing on a doctor and his series of actions leading him into a trap while a nemesis appears before him. He must amend his past wrongs. 

Parasyte; The Maxim filled with gore scenes and psychological theme anime following Parasitic aliens landing on Earth and havocing in earth while Shinichi Izumi has other plans. 

The Future Diary follows a High schooler without friends and having an iamgianry friend that leads him to know the future with his digital diary. 

This Supernatural Anime shows a life of a Pizza Delivery guy who can travel back in time to solve his mother's murder in the present. 

Baccano: This Mystery Anime follows few different stories which lead to each other with their unorthodox story telling and the stakes are high.

What could be the best way to eradicate crime with reading the minds of people who look suspicious? Sounds Interesting? Watch it. 

ID: INVADED- Like the previous anime this anime also takes a deep dive into human minds. The series of murders has police squad is after the serial killer. 

Happy Sugar Life- Don't let the little cute girls and Title fool you into believing it as a cute drama anime. The Horror and suspense with the serial killer is intensified with each episode. 

Paranoia Agent- From the director of Perfect Blue, The anime is a total menace in terms of horror and psyhcological elements.

Angels of Death Shows a girl and a murder trying to get out of a trap but the twisted people they encoounter while coming out is horrifying.