by abhijit 

10 stand alone anime movies to watch in May 2024. 

Weathering With You is a supernatural and drama romance anime about Hodaka and Hina. The clustering rain of Japan gives birth to the chemistry of this struggling birds. If you are bored then it's a great stand alone anime movie to spend your time.

5 centimetres per second shows the harsh reality of Life. Makoto Shinkai's masterpeice stand alone anime  movie depicts the two teenager in love but as the distance grows between them, their chemistry dissolves in thin air. Get ready for a checkamte with life.

The trauma of school lives life long aging for an eternity. And this stand alone anime movie, A silent Voice is a pure evident of it. The Anime shows the painful journey of being a bully to accepting the harsh truths about yourself. In one word, A eye-opener.

Perfect Blue is a mind-bending psychological anime movie. The thriller anime delves into the life of a model and soon to be a celebrity. Her creepy fans to unsettling events near her is just once in a lifetime experience. 

The late 80s Ghibli Studios anime is a refreshing experience and a pure entertainer. The two sister transfer to countryside when their mother falls ill but soon they discover the spirits and befriends them. The Award winning anime is a must-watch.

Your Name is another Masterpiece from Makoto Shinkai.The Supernatural drama anime shows two teenager exchanging their souls across cities and living each other's life. If you want to start with Makoto's direction then it's a great movie to begin.

One of the greatest samurai movie you could ask for is Sword of the Stranger. When the orphan kid and his dog falls into troubles thankfully, they come across a Ronin. The Ronin protects both of them and their incredible journey begins. 

Grave of the Fireflies shows the torn truth of war and its consequences. When the two sibligns faces many ugly problems their life is torn into pieces and the poignant stand alone movie can break your heart.

I want to eat your Pancreas is a heart-breaking anime movie that tears your heart into pieces. Specially the unexpected ending just too much to handle and be warned to carry tissues while watching this stand alone anime movie. 

If you liked the concept of Inception then You are gonna fall in love with Paprika movie. The mind-bending sci-fi thriller shows the layered of world of dreams, psyche and repressed memories.