by abhijjit 

10 most underrated and  overrated anime 

Monster - Underrated Despite the mystery and drama around it the tale of Dr.Kenzou Tanma, an elite neurosurgeon's turn of events leads him to a nemesis he once rescued from Death.

Tokyo Revengers- Overrated The enormous popularity that surrounded this anime is unbelievable. The Anime lacks a lot character arcs and poorly written plots while showing overpowered teenagers.

Hunter x Hunter- Underrated The expiditions and adventures of Hunters is less explored by viewers. With amazing arcs and story-telling, Gon Freecss is aspired to become a Hunter like his father.

Komi Can't Communicate- Overrated The shoujo surprised everyone with what it isn't rather than what it should be.Fans considered it as okayish anime labelling as overrated with its all fame. 

Death Parade- Underrated The game of judgement whether a soul shoud go to Heaven or Hell is quite a impressing show but the popularity isn't very. People who dies at the same time must face this judgement.

Jujutsu Kaisen- Overrated The show instantly wore the tag of overrated when it won best anime awards for crunchyroll despite the presence of anime like Vinland Saga.

Samurai Champloo- Underrated If you are a fan of Sword Fighting anime, Then nothing can beat this but surprisingly a lot fans isn't aware of this early 2000s' anime. 

Overlord- Overrated The isekai anime's underwhelming aspects marks it as overrated with the same Sword Art Online trope. Poorly touched story with fantasy isn't just sufficing enough.

Rurouni Kenshin- Underrated Yet another gems of the 90s' that remains hidden despite its beautiful and poignant tale. To the younger generation who haven;t watched this masterpiece, check out once you won't regret.

My Hero Academia - Overrated The childish and cliche things furated fans with repetetive things over and over. As a shonen anime the plot follows the same thing again and again.