by abhijit 

10 reasons why you should watch berserk 1997

The 1997 Berserk Anime remains true to its manga source material unlike the 2016-17b movie adaptations. It feels raw and aged-well with time.

Susumu Hirasaw's soundtrack and music for the original golden age arc just stay with you. Its hard to get over from it. The music sets the dark mood and theme of anime.

The nostalgic animation and art style reverts you back in time to the 90s where the newly introduced crisp anime isn't a thing. With less details even the anime delivered.

The Haunting back stories are one of the scariest and painful aspect in the Anime History. The cruel World and its consequences never sparing anyone like Guts childhood.

The plot twists are the main highlights of the golden arc making it ten times more worth watching.

The perfect-paced series doesn't feel rushed unlike the movie adaptations. The smooth flow of plotline makes it more appreciative.

While the 97 anime is made in 2d scenes that becomes the important aspect of the anime unlike the movie adaptations that are 3G Cgi made.

The Voice artist just nailed it with their acting which adds on that extra element that evokes goosebumps.

The villain Arc of the anime is a top-notch entertainment and full of surprise. Griffith's transformation from a friend to foe is just truly exceptional.

The 1997 Berserk is as evoking as manga crawling under your skin and sending chiils to your spine. If you haven't watched it, What are you waiting for? Well if you have, then it's a perfect time to rewatch.