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10 Slice of life anime if you're in your late 20s' 

Barakamon is a great slice of life anime with a gifted calligrapher who is a bit arrogant. Handa-kun goes a coutnryside village in an island to imporve his art but his life is about to change. 

The Way of the Househusband is a great comedy slice of life anime following the life of former yakuza member turning into a househusband after his marriage. 

Golden Boy features Kintaru Ooe a part time worker, looks for employement whereever he can find. On his journey he learns many valuable lessons from political issues to woman's delicacy. 

Food Wars, as the name suggests Souma Yukihira and his cooking journey is a great anime to watch with lots of culinary competitions and as he enrolls for culinary school.

Musishi is kind of different from other slice of life anime where you can find the basic forms of life causing the daily phenomena and Ginko, the protagonist researhing and solving the phenomenas.

The Apothecary Diaries follows Maomao who has been sold into the imperial court of the King but with her apothecary skills she solves the greatest mysteries in the court. 

Spy x Family follows the Lyod family and their series of lies to uncover the nemesis but as a family they are just too hilarious to handle. 

Laid Back camp follows Rin Shima's great way of spending her life as camping alone at the base of Mount Fuji. From gathering firewood to cooking she does it all by herself and enjoys her life at fullest unlike others. 

Buddy Daddies traces two contract killer hunting for their enemies and their encounter with a kid who is looking for her daddy. But one of them brings her home and thus begins their journey as a parent. 

Bocchi The Rock shows lonely and introverted "Bocchi" who is fond of guitar. Her fateful encounter with a extroverted drummer is gonna soon change her life and musical journey.