by abhijit 

7 anime where main characters have disability

Dororo- Dororo, the protagnist has no limbs or face right after his birth. His father made a deal with demons to maintain peace in his kingdom.

Josse, the tiger and the fish an anime movie where the female character is disablead and can't able to walk. 

A Silent Voice main female character is deaf while the male character deals with depression , anxiety, PTSD and mental illness

Yuka Yuna is a Hero- While the multiple main characters are there, one of them suffers from disability,She is wheelchiar-bound and that plays a significant role in the series. 

Violet evergarden shows the female character has prosthetic limbs due to war. 

The Ranking of Kings follows the life of newly crowned deaf king who has lots of nemesis trying to snatch his throne. 

Full Metal Alchemist follows two brothers who indulge themselves in alchemy trying to bring their mother back but ends up losing their body and arms