by Abhijit 

7 inspirng anime to ignite your passion

Volleyball enthusiast should seek out the anime to dive deeper into the life of a volleyball player. If you are dwindling between to choose between volleyball and other then watch Haikyu.

Barakamon reignites the passion for dreams while teaching to be humble and enjoy the slice of life. The Anime focuses on the Calligraphy journey of a young artist. 

Bakuman Anime follows two classmates and their immesurable love for indulging into manga. Their hardwork and persistence is sure to shake you up to consistency. 

Blue Period shows a delinquent working hard to achieve his dreams and new found passion of art and obsession with the colour Blue. 

Blue LocK Anime doesn't spare anyone from its influential wave of soccer while showing soccer players' struggles and breath-taking matches. 

Hajime no Ippo shows the life of a young bullied boy who lost his father and works hard to provide his mother but a boxer takes him in to train and learn to fight professionally

This Basketball centric anime features a boy and his aspiring dream of being basketball player. The light comedy also presents a romance subplot which adds the spices to the recipe.