Country Side Anime That Lives forever in Heart 

1. Non-Non Biyori

Revisit the charm of slice-of-life anime about living in a small village anime that clams your stressful life.

2.Silver Spoon 

Join the amateur journey of Yuugo with well-crafted and detailed animation of the countryside, and tasting the slice of the agricultural side of a rural village and life.

3. Barakamon

Barakamon features many aspects like art, a slice of life, and the most important essence and serenity of living in a village.

4. Only Yesterday

The movie with astounding soundtrack blending into the small details of life in a village area that separates itself from the crowded town.

5. Wolf children 

What could be more enchanting than a tale of the unconditional love of a mother set in a small town? Wolf Children is one of the best anime out there with picturesque wilderness and lovely countryside.