Yostar’s Arknights: Rise from the Ember TV anime is in Production.

Howdy! Anime Fans, Here’s your daily dose of news. Yostar’s Arknights: Rise from the Ember TV Anime is announced on Saturday. The tie-in franchise and the staff of the Akrnights revealed the news with a new teaser trailer. The official website also revealed a key visual for the anime. The cast and staff are yet to be announced.

Arknights: Rise from the Ember

The game traces to the dystopian and apocalyptic future of the Terra Planet where people normally show characteristics of animals known as Kemonomimi. Terra’s catastrophic atmosphere brings some rare mineral, Originium a valuable resource. But these resources also affect the lives of people while infecting a progressive disease called Oripathy. The highly infectious and fatal Oripathy also allows them to use magic at the same time. Due to its infectious ranges, the infected are either shunned or prosecuted by the government. The individual who is playing gets to play the lives of an infected individual. However, in the game, a medical team exists that lends a helping hand known as Rhodes island.

Chinese developer Hypergryph launched Arknights in May 2019 in China and on Jan 2020 in other countries. Another spin-off was announced titled Arknights: Endfield in March 2022.

Yostar released the first anime adaptation of Arknights named Prelude to Dawn aired from Oct 29, 2022, to Dec 17, 2022, on TV Tokyo in Japan.

The second season of the anime “Perish in Frost” premiered from Oct 7 to Nov 25, 2023. Crunchyroll also began airing its spinoff anime series Lee’s Detective Agency on Dec 23, 2022.

Source: Anime news Network


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